Bachelorette Party Scavenger Hunt List

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bachelorette scavenger hunt

Bachelorette Party Scavenger Hunt Checkist
Bachelorette scavenger hunts are always fun to play but bachelorette scavenger hunt lists are hard to make. Not everyone can think up funny things like getting a six-pack of the groom’s favorite beer or finding a cheesy romance novel that the bride can read on her honeymoon. Below you will find 25 ideas to add to your bachelorette party scavenger hunt list. Many of the items can be found on Feel free to use them all or pick and choose your own combination of tasks to suit your own unique bachelorette party scavenger hunt list. Now grab your girls and get to work!

  1. Convince a man to give you the condom out of his wallet.
  2. Go to a bar and get the phone numbers of three men. Negative point if any of the numbers turn out to be bogus.
  3. Acquire two specific food products. One is a banana. The other is donut. Trade them for some penis candy.
  4. Arrange lawn ornaments is a position of lovemaking. Take their picture. Bonus point if you get a picture of a member of your team joining in the fun.
  5. Obtain a copy of Playgirl magazine. Bonus points if the issue is from before 1995. That kind of dedication deserves reward.
  6. Get something embarrassing from the groom. Negative points if the embarrassing thing turns out to be a lawsuit.
  7. Find two golf balls and a sausage. Ask if you can trade them for a chocolate penis.
  8. A lock of a man’s chest hair. No points if one of them is grey.
  9. A Viagra pill (other male enhancement supplements are ok)Underwear for two
  10. Come up with the biggest pair of underwear you can find. The biggest pair of underwear earns a bonus point. Two bonus points if they are "underwear for two."
  11. A marital advice column.
  12. Take a picture with a man who has a "Mom" tattoo. If you are one of the few who lack a camera phone convince him to come along. Bonus point if he actually shows, no points if he ditches.
  13. Get a pair of men’s underwear.
  14. Get a picture of a dude with a mullet.
  15. One penny from the bride’s birth year and one from the groom’s.
  16. Take a digital picture of someone’s expression as you moon or flash them from your car.
  17. Bring in a piece of boy band memorabilia. No, your New Kids on the Block tattoo doesn’t count.
  18. A single man’s business card. Bonus point if he is a Doctor.
  19. Grab a relationship or sex quiz from a magazine like Cosmo or Glamour.
  20. Get a cell phone picture of a man’s bathroom in all of its grisly glory.
  21. Pick up a “marital aid”. You know, a mommy’s little helper?
  22. Obtain a clump of hair from a man’s drain. Yuck...
  23. Handcuffs
  24. Get something that you and the bachelorette share an inside joke about.
  25. Bring in a senior picture of the bachelor or bachelorette. Bonus point if there’s a cheesy note on the back.

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